Welcome to my Scratch Pad

Due to the nature of my work, I often find myself digging for solutions to obsure problems.

Anyone in technology has been there... You are on the fourth page of Google's search results when you find that message board where someone describes your exact issue. You scroll through the conversation only to find SOLVED or Figured it out, thx posted at the end, with no description of how they did it.

Dawson Crying

As someone who has benefited for years from other people's endless quest to find answers, this is my way of paying it forward. I do my best to add obscure (and not so obscure) solutions here as I find them, along with a lot of other random stuff.

Professional Side

I'm currently the CEO of C Street Media, Inc., Co-Founder of Proper Cents and editor of ConsumerBit.com.

If you are looking for Digital Marketing Services or help with your Personal Finances, feel free to take a peek at those.

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