How to Cancel the UNRAID Appdata Backup While its in Progress

16th Sep 2022


If you are running Plex or any other media player on your UNRAID server, you likely have a pretty big meta data folder that takes UNRAID a long time to back up. This is fine and well when you have the space and time for Appdata backups, but every once and again you may need to quickly stop the pro...

Create Local Domain Names With UNRAID and Pi-hole


If you are tired of using port numbers to access the WebUI's of your docker services on UNRAID, this guide will show you how to make friendly URL's for using around your internal network. This change is also nice if you have other household members that want to access the services, but their eyes...

How to Install Prism.js in Grav CMS


If you are running a website with Grav and want to add syntax highlighting to your posts, one if the easiest ways to do it is with Prism.js. It will take your plain old code blocks and turn them from this:


My First Heading

My first paragraph.


How to Fix phpMyAdmin When it Freezes


phpMyAdmin is a great tool, when it works correctly. Unfortunately, sometimes it decides to freeze up when you don't have time to fix the underlying problem.

If you are in a hurry and need to re-establish access to phpMyAdmin, a quick purge and install will get you moving again. You can add...

Speed Up Nextcloud's Web Interface on UNRAID


If the default install of Nextcloud on your UNRAID server produces a painfully slow web interface, enabling Opcache may be the solution you need.

Enabling Opcache

You need to edit your php-local.ini file found within your Nextcloud appdata folder. The easiest way to do this is by logging di...