How to Fix OnePlus Buds Z Music From Pausing


I have been using my OnePlus Buds Z headphones for a few months now, and I frequently run into an issue where the music or show I am watching will pause randomly. If you are experiencing this issue, keep reading for a simple fix.

The Issue With the OnePlus Bud Z's

After doing some research, I discovered there are sensors on the back side of the earbuds that detect if they are in your ear. If they start to think you have removed them from your ear, they pause whatever is playing. For some people this may be a nice feature, but its buggy and causes all sorts of issues (especially if trying to move around or work out).


There are a number of forums with people having the same problem, so you are not alone. Unfortunately, there is not a way to disable this feature (as of this writing), but there is a simple work around.

The Solution

Take a piece of black electrical tape and cover the sensors. I suggest using scissors to cut the tape so it creates a smooth piece that is easy to stick on tight.


I have had no issues with the tape sticking to my ear or hair, and have not had my music pause once since adding this.

Important: The sensors are also the charging points when in the case, so you do need to remove the tape every once and a while to recharge the headphones. With the electrical tape its pretty easy, and you can reuse the tape multiple times before having to replace it.



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